This all begins with believing you already are a writer. So let’s start there. My own journey of becoming a writer was an awakening of sorts — to who I already was. Maybe yours will be similar.

A writer is a writer when he says he is.
—Steven Pressfield

Anyone who writes is a writer, but that doesn’t mean they’re a very good one. So let’s talk about how to become a better writer. We’ll begin with the basics — here are seven key lessons (with links to important articles about each):

Writing is simple, but not easy.
Before you get a larger audience, you have to get better.
Practice makes you better; it’s the repetitions that make it effortless.
Until you put your work out there, you’re only screwing around. Write for real.
You can’t practice without discipline. Keep showing up and persevering.
There will always be resistance; type through it, anyway.
Get over your excuses and do the work.